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Your child is waking multiple times a night, nap at home never long enough or are just flat out non-existent, and bedtime is the most dreaded part of everyone’s night…

Not only you are sleep deprived, you are also being presented with a hundred different opinions on how to solve your problem; or being told that it’s only a stage, and your child will eventually grow out of it…

You thought, you are probably getting close to the end of the rope. I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. If you make a commitment to follow my step-to-step instructions, I can promise that you and your child will soon be sleeping through the night.


Hi, I’m Kexin. I am a Paediatric Sleep Consultant, and momma to a beautiful baby girl. I am also a child specialist that provide paediatric care to baby and children. I have vast experience in treating newborn babies, as well as older children for 8 years.

My journey with becoming a Paediatric Sleep Consultant started when I had my own baby. When my child was 4 months old, I found myself in a deep hole of sleep deprivation that I didn’t know how to get out of. As a first-time parent, I was very excited and I started my breast feeding journey with my child since birth. I even breastfed her to sleep on a regular basis, until at one point, I realized that she just won’t fall asleep unless I breastfeed her!

I still remember those nights, where I had to sit up for hours carrying her just so that she would fall into deep sleep and not wake up when I put her down to her cot. Unfortunately most of the time, when I put her down and once her head touched the mattress, she would wake up immediately and cried. I needed to pick her up again, breastfeed her until she finally fall asleep on my arms, and the cycle repeats. I was so sleep deprived, and felt helpless. I asked my family and friends for advice. Everywhere I turned there was different advice, methods and ideas about what to do and how to do it. Nothing was working! I was told that babies would simply outgrow those night-time wake-ups, and soon the magical day would come when my baby would sleep through the night.

One night, I collapsed in tears in the bed, carrying my baby in my arms. I knew I had reached my rock bottom and there had to be a better way!

Thank god I found this sleep program and it CHANGED MY LIFE. My child was able to sleep, reliably, on her own after just three nights into training. I even get a break during the day when she took her naps. And what’s even better now, I get to help other families to get their lives back!

I am a Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant who has completed a comprehensive training and mentoring program with one of the best sleep training companies in the world. And I am still learning today. I am passionate about helping mums to get the sleep they long for, and to teach their children the skills they needed to sleep on their own. So, let me help you!

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